Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big News!

Yep! We've got a new little girl on the way! We are adopting her from Mississippi. The due date is September 17. Brielle and Berkley (that's going to be her name!) will be 18 months apart. I know.. we are going to go crazy having 2 little ones, but when they are a little bit older they will hopefully be good buds! I haven't been the best at posting lately, but I will for sure get some pictures on here when we get Berkley. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that everything will work out!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little B

Fourteen months and 20 days, that is how old our little sweet pea is! She is now really cruising around and walking great. We have so much fun with that girl. I just wanted to share a little bit about Brielle. Her hair is finally long enough to put into a pony tail and pig tails. She is sleeping pretty well at night. She wakes up sometimes but she puts herself to bed. She gets around 11 hours of sleep at night. She has almost got 12 teeth. The last two are just peeking through! She knows a few signs of sign language. She can do: milk, more, eat, drink, and all done. She blows kisses, waves bye-bye and she just started giving hugs (which I love!). Pretty much since 9 months she has been a jabber box. She's still jabbering but now she knows a few words. She can say: hi (that is her fav. word. She says it to everyone and I mean everyone! Even people at the grocery store.) bye, dog, duck, butt (for button!), key, cheese, shoes and she tries to say book, ball, and Jesus.  She loves other kids. She had such a fun time with her cousin Lynsi a few days ago. I don't think I've ever seen her that crazy and hyper! We are excited that summer is almost here and that Brielle will be able to walk around and explore everything now!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Water Fun!

We have been loving having nice weather for a little while! We've been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine! To catch things up a bit, we had a really nice Easter. Brielle was able to walk around (with help) and get her eggs on her Easter egg hunts. I think we did 3 (yah we overdid it with her, but it was so fun!). We've been able to take Brielle to the parks and she loves going down the slide. She was a little bit stand-offish with the swings but now she likes them. I have gone back to working full time and it has been a hard adjustment. Especially with Casey working 2 jobs, we don't have that much family time together. So when we get time we head outdoors if its good weather. Here are some pics.

Where its been warmer we have wanted to get Brielle out in the water. We got her a little kiddie pool and then we've been playing in the sprinklers. My brother teaches swimming out at a highschool so we took her there one night to see how she did. Here's some pics of our water fun!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Year Older!

Our sweet little Brielle turned one on March 1st! We started a new tradition where we went out to breakfast on her birthday and we all went in pajamas. Brielle had a blast! There were so many things for her to point at: the waitress, the fan, the snow (we got dumped with snow on her bday), the menus, and the food! After breakfast we went to get some balloons. Word of advice, don't get balloons from Walmart. I waited 30 minutes for them to blow up 7 balloons SO FRUSTRATING! Later that day we took her sledding down our hill in our neighborhood. I think she had fun, it was her first real time sledding!

For her bday bash we went around a "bee" theme. We sometimes call her "B" or "Little B". I made her a strawberry cake (so she had a pink cake!) and then covered it will yellow fondant to make it into a beehive cake.

She had a fun time messing in her cupcake! It was fun to have family there for her bday. We did miss having 2 of my brothers and Casey's sisters family and also his brothers family. What a fun night though! We did video the night but for some reason it wont download.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I find a lot of cute things on pinterest. It can be addicting! I saw this craft on there and didn't pin it but I was able to find another one on the web. Its a weekly planner.

So this frame I got at Walmart for I think $12.00. Then I got my scrapbook paper. I wrote the days of the week on the paper with a black marker. Then I just used a dry erase right on the glass! So easy and cute I think! The marker wipes off way easy too. I loved this craft so I had to share!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Brand New Year

January is almost over I can't believe it! Time flies by so fast. Brielle is almost a year old! Its been many moons since my last post so I've got some updating to do. We had a great Christmas as a family. All of my family was able to be here. I dragged everyone outside to get a family picture.

It was so fun watching Brielle open her presents. As a new Christmas tradition I wrapped up all of her books and she opened one a day until Christmas. She still needed help opening her presents though even with all of that practice! Another new tradition is we made Christmas ornaments. We did Brielle's handprint and footprint on some clay. Here are some pics of our festivities!

Brielle loves her little buggy we got her.

To kick of the New Year, Brielle had to wear a cast on her left arm :(. She fractured her arm. It was a long 3 weeks with that on. Today she got to take off her splint!! She still crawls like she still has the splint on though. I was going to save her little pink cast but decided I'd just take a picture of it! (I don't know what I would have done with it really)

Casey and I are still working in the same places. We both have jobs we like. It's the slow time of year where I work so I get cut quite a bit which I like! That is until I get my paycheck! We've only taken Brielle sledding one time this whole winter. We've had such a weird winter. I'm so so ready for spring! There's not much to do in the winter with an 11 month old. We did take her to petsmart one day to look at the birds and the fish. I think she liked it. I liked looking at the fish too. I've always thought it would be fun to have some fish. I hear its a mess to clean the fishtank though so maybe we'll get fish next year!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Casey won a free 2 night stay down in St. George this summer from his work. We just barely were able to use it this last weekend. The drive down wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but towards the end there was just a whole lot of nothing to look at! It was almost as bad as driving through Wyoming, almost. We were given tickets to the Tuacahn ampitheater to see Grease. We were a week too early to see Thriller but I still really liked Grease.

I just got a new camera and I'm still trying to figure out all the different features. This pic was supposed to be all black and white except for the red in Casey's shirt. I guess it almost did it!

Before the show they had a little preshow entertainment. There were lots of people gathered around so Casey and I decided to go see. This is what we saw.

These old ladies were from Nevada. They had a whole dance routine they went through. Some of their costumes were a little different. One was short shorts and fishnet tights. Yikes!

The next day we went to Zions National Park. Casey was excited to do the Narrows again. The last time we did it, we had to turn back because of flash flood warnings. So this time he wanted to go all the way. The water was only 47 degrees and there was a chilly breeze when you were in the shade. I actually had on my thicker winter coat (mainly because I forgot my jacket at the hotel). Casey forgot to bring a jacket at all and was in his swimsuit and a short sleeved shirt. So here we were walking down the path to the water, me in my winter coat and Casey in his swimming suit. Casey felt like we got a few weird stares from people! We got down to the water and dipped our hands in. Freezing!!! We decided not to go down the Narrows. We weren't prepared for that cold water! We saw other people getting ready to go in the water with their Neoprene boots and even dry suits. On the path back up the scenery was beautiful. We saw a ton of cute chipmunks and we even saw a tarantula!

Since we didn't do the Narrows we did a different hike up to Echo Canyon. It was a fun hike! The only part I didn't like was when we had to hang on to a chain and go around on a cliff. I'm kind of scared of heights! On some parts I felt like just sitting down and scooting along!! Here are some pics of our journey to Echo Canyon.